This Could Change the Future of Cinema by Andrew P

Lytro has recently announced a new camera system that may revolutionize how Films and Television programs are made. Not only does this camera system capture moving images, but it also captures a multitude of spatial information, essentially recording a virtual representation of the whole scene. From the way Lytro describes it, it would seem as if this camera would be able to record a scene in 3D, almost like a 3D scan. Artists would then be able to manipulate those elements directly, skipping the step of having to render models from scratch. This would not only allow users change focus anywhere in the scene at any time in post production, but even more powerfully, manipulate whole portions of scene.

This Lytro Cinema camera, or something like it, could be revolutionary for productions that utilize any sort of computer generated effects to tell their story. This could be revolutionary even for smaller, less effects-heavy productions where the director may just want a slight re-composition of a particular scene. Moreover, once VR goggles are commonplace, technology like this could revolutionize the way we consume media.

Better Portraits Using an iPhone by Andrew P

I don't know anyone who doesn't want to take better pictures with their iPhone, more specifically better pictures of people. Although it's rather iPhone-specific, a few of the tips in this video by Adorama are applicable with other phone cameras and with photography in general.

You and Your Kids Can Now Draw in 3D by Andrew P

If you've ever wished you could draw in three dimensions, you can with a 3D pen that writes with melted plastic. The grown-up version of the 3Doodler has actually been out for quite some time now, however company has just recently announced the 3Doodler Start which is designed for kids. It seems to have all the functionality of the original, but without the exposed metal parts that would otherwise burn your fingers.

Like Spirograph and Lego, products like this are great because they give kids and adults the virtually limitless freedom to create. It won't be surprising to eventually see every kid grow up with one of these and artists specializing in this type of medium. I suspect that it won't be long until we see commercials for it and adults rushing to stores to get them for Christmas.