You and Your Kids Can Now Draw in 3D by Andrew P

If you've ever wished you could draw in three dimensions, you can with a 3D pen that writes with melted plastic. The grown-up version of the 3Doodler has actually been out for quite some time now, however company has just recently announced the 3Doodler Start which is designed for kids. It seems to have all the functionality of the original, but without the exposed metal parts that would otherwise burn your fingers.

Like Spirograph and Lego, products like this are great because they give kids and adults the virtually limitless freedom to create. It won't be surprising to eventually see every kid grow up with one of these and artists specializing in this type of medium. I suspect that it won't be long until we see commercials for it and adults rushing to stores to get them for Christmas.

Welcome to Intersect, where art meets technology by Andrew P

Hello everyone! As you've probably figured out from the title, this blog is going to cover just what it says - the intersection of art and technology and their symbiotic relationship. You may be thinking to yourself that this is actually and extremely large area of interest to cover in its entirety, which it is. If you think carefully about this, one can consider pencils, paintbrushes, and even paper as different forms of technology. I'm sure there are tons of blogs that cover just that, and the newest and hottest paints and markers but in all likelihood we won't cover any of that. This blog is run by Full Frame Photographs, so we'll tend to cover topics related to photography and other art forms requiring the use of optical implements, such as cinema.

Of course, photography and film isn't going to be all we cover. We love gadgets and gear, so we'll explore many of the important developments in the newest and hottest pieces of tech out there. But more importantly, we're also interested in how art and technology can change the world and the human experience. Yes, that may be a bit cliche, and expectedly so, but art and technology have been used to recount the human experience for millennia. Since the age of using rocks to carve into stone, people before us have been using tech to create art to pass down their culture and their memories, and the very essence of their identity. This allows us a glimpse into someone else's very reality.

On a practical note, we'll also post tutorials, guides, and tips that will hopefully aid in the way you create, and by extension maybe make the world a better place. Today we have far more sophisticated tools to create with, and we'll continue this trend of technological advancement for the foreseeable future. At Intersect, we'll look at emerging technologies and art forms as we continually look to the future - and perhaps just maybe catch a glimpse of what may be in store for humanity after we're long gone. Welcome to Intersect!